On-Campus Field Trips

Let Recess Revolution bring a field trip to your school. We will bring our trailer full of play and building items to your school, rope off an area, go over some basic safety guidelines and encourage your students to use their creativity, collaboration, comunication and critical thinking skills to create their own structures and games. Adult participation is required.

Family Nights

​Families can help develop creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking skills together. Recess Revolution will start with a short talk about the importance of imaginative play, then the fun can begin. Families will be encouraged to work together, building and playing with the trailer full of  loose objects such as tires, cardboard, buckets, tubes, fabric and more!

Community Events

Recess Revolution can set up a play area almost anywhere! We will bring our trailer to community events to spread the word that play is not only fun, but important to development. Educational materials on the importance of play will be made available.

Staff Training

Recess Revolution can help your school or day care staff create an enriched play environment to engage the minds of children on a daily basis. We will explain the importance of imaginatve play along with suggestions for playground materials and management.

Birthday Parties

Recess Revolution does NOT not provide services at birthday parties. However, we do encourage you to create your own unstructured free play environment. Basically, it works like this...


Step 1. Call up your local big box store (ex. Target, Walmart, Costco) ask them when they restock their shelves. (It is probably around midnight) Ask if you can stop by and pick up some large cardboard boxes before they get recycled. They usually say, "Of course". Go fill up the minivan or SUV with as much cardboard as it can hold. Find a place to store it so it will not get wet. A covered porch works great. Even a pile with a tarp over it works pretty well. Avoid leaving it on grass overnight.

Step 2. Stop by your local tire store. Ask if they have some used tires that are still in good condition. They usually do and will give them to you for free. Make sure the tires do not have exposed steel cording. It can fray and get sharp. Scrub the tires with a degreasing soap like Dawn or Joy and spray them down.

Step 3. Look around your house for old sheets, kitchen tools, buckets, crates, old furniture and other stuff that can be used in a variety of ways for play.


Step 4. Take your kids to your local hardware store and look for stuff that looks fun. Tarps, clips, goggles, head phones, traffic cones, trash grabbers, ropes, wood, etc. Look for storage systems that can also double as play items like water barrels or large bins.

Step 5. Keep an eye out for cool stuff at local yard sales or thrift stores. The acquisition can be part of the play.

Step 6. Allow time and space for unstructured play. Have kids over. Watch them entertain themselves. Invite them over regularly. 

But WHY??????? Recess Revolution's mission is to encourage more unstructured free play. If we bring stuff for an hour and then take it away, we are not helping to create sustainable change in the play environments for children. If we can help parents to create their own Adventure Playgrounds one household at a time, neighborhoods all over our community will be engaging in unstructured free play every day! 

If you have questions about how to create your own Adventure Play space, give us a call at 714-745-7276 or email