Why Play

Play comes from deep down inside of each individual. It helps us to become who we are. Play helps us develop resilience. It teaches us to regulate our emotions, deal with stress, practice creativity and to learn. It helps us to create attachments to others and to our environment. And, let's face it, play is fun.


Loose Parts

Loose parts are items that children can play with creatively. They do not have a specific purpose. There is no "correct way" to use them. Children must think creatively to play using loose parts. Recess Revolution likes to use tires, cardboard boxes and tubes, wood planks, fabric, clothespins, linoleum, rope, netting, buckets, spools, hoses, crates and more.


Play and Education
The state of California has adopted the US Common Core Standards. These standards, state that we need to make it a goal for our children to develop the 4Cs; creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking. Play with loose parts supports the 4Cs! Why not meet some standards at recess!

Busy Kids

Today's kids are entertained and educated more than any other generation, but they experience much less child-directed play.


Most of our chidren spend the majority of their time in adult directed activities: school, day-care, sports teams, scouts, computer games, commercialzed media, etc.


They get very little time to make choices for themselves. The adults (including commercial entities and gamming programmers) tell them what to play, when to play, why to play, how to play and who to play with.


How can our kids grow up to be creative, collaborative, communicative, critical thinkers if we keep telling them what to do?


Recess Revolution can help!





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